When we look beyond the physical materials of a place we can observe that its the dialogue, interactions, exchanges, and collaborations between its people, diverse and often spontaneous, which make a place into a living ecosystem.

We shape the world through the products, services, and interactions we design. Understanding how complex living-systems work allows community builders, leaders, and designers to actively play a positive and influential role in creating more sustainable futures.

Our work can create deeper and more authentic human connections relationships that empower and distribute wealth equitably within and across communities. Our approach to community is informed by people, place and participation, while harnessing the tools of design thinking and place-making.

We call this Community Built Futures.

Community Built Futures is Sascha Mombartz and Erica Dorn and is influenced by the work of Jane Jacobs, Judy Wicks, Michael Jones, Peter Block, and many others including our peers in community building across the globe. Sascha is a systems-change designer and Community Canvas co-founder, formerly NYTimes and Google, and Erica is a social choreographer, Carnegie Mellon Transition Design PhD Candidate, etsy.org and Good Work Institute co-founder.

Our Work: The Chamber of Commerce Barranquilla Read our Report, Holy Family HTX, Laboratoria, Community Canvas, Good Work Institute

To work with us get in touch under hello@communitybuiltfutures.com